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Maximise productivity with Paradigm's Business Process Management
software that integrates with Sage Evolution accounting.


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Go beyond traditional task management with a work collaboration platform for your teams.

Simplifying task management to allow your teams to work on multiple projects whilst keeping everyone on the same page with a live overview on the status of all tasks.

With real-time visibility, you can stay on top of the progress of all your projects without having to wait for status meetings and email responses.

Task Management
Real-time Scoreboards providing your teams with a live feed of what to do next.

Setup your workflows and KPI's and Paradigm will monitor your data to automatically create and allocate tasks to each of your departments and employees.

Paradigm Scoreboards provide you with instant visibility of all outstanding tasks in your business, in real-time.

Real-Time Scoreboards
Built by Sage Pastel specialists, for the Sage Pastel end-user.

Paradigm Software is a customisable platform that extends the functionality of the traditional accounting system to meet your specific business requirements.

Sage Evolution Integration

What Our Customers are Saying

"Great work Louis, Wim & Paradigm Team. Paradigm now provides continuous improvement and real-time data within our business. This is extremely valuable in any dynamic and competitive sales environment. Thank You!"

Dr. Tertius Cilliers, CEO of Synercore.

"Paradigm is user friendly and gives you the information that you need to know."

Irmo Rapsh, CEO of Pearl Island Trading.

I must be honest, it is really a pleasure working with you. Being a director, I've never come across
a more humble and technically sound professional team before.

Laurence Dos Ramos, Aspire Independent ICT Service Provider


Unleash your teams productivity with collaboration software for Sage Pastel.

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