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Our Software

Paradigm Software is a Task Management, Document Processing and Customer Relationship Management platform for enhanced business collaboration. Our software provides powerful data capturing and reporting tools, like Dashboards and Scoreboards, as well as other features, essential to the efficiency and growth of your company.

Paradigm provides a primary foundation to communicate and process information that ensures accuracy and accessibility. Our Manufacturing Module fully tracks the production processes, resource availability and helps to avoid possible bottlenecks.

Software Features

Cloud Hosting

Partnering with us allows you access to enterprise class hardware and 20 plus years of combined professional expertise in Microsoft Windows Server and SQL. We are continuously optimising, monitoring and improving performance, security and stability.

In conjunction with the operational software we have various in-house Sage financial systems and Sage Pastel Payroll software skills that will ensure you will never have to worry about an upgrade ever again.

Cloud Hosting Services

Paradigm Software Implementation & Training

We offer onsite implementation of our software, which includes project management and user training.

Before going live with our software, our team makes sure that your employees are fully geared to start using Paradigm Software and that all your data has been correctly captured.

Paradigm Software Customisation

Paradigm is built on a flexible framework that allows you to customise the application to meet your specific business requirements.

As an added service, customisations of the software that falls outside the scope of standard Paradigm box features can be done by our experienced software developers for additional costs.


Paradigm provides customer support to ensure that everything constantly runs smoothly.

The Paradigm Support Desk service helps our skilled and dedicated team to track every incoming support ticket from our valued customers to ensure that every request is resolved in the fastest time frame possible.

What Our Customers are Saying

"Great work Louis, Wim & Paradigm Team. Paradigm now provides continuous improvement and real-time data within our business. This is extremely valuable in any dynamic and competitive sales environment. Thank You!"

Dr. Tertius Cilliers, CEO of Synercore.

"Paradigm is user friendly and gives you the information that you need to know."

Irmo Rapsh, CEO of Pearl Island Trading.

I must be honest, it is really a pleasure working with you. Being a director, I've never come across
a more humble and technically sound professional team before.

Laurence Dos Ramos, Aspire Independent ICT Service Provider
Built by Sage financial systems specialists, for the end-user.

Paradigm Software integrates with Sage 50c Pastel Xpress, Sage 50c Pastel Partner, Sage Evolution 100 (Standard) and Sage Evolution 200 (Premium).

Sage Accounting Integration
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